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I ♡ KPOP; Hello I'm Anita(: California. 626.

Thank you, come again:3

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Nam Tae Hyun (Team A) - Snow Flower (Park Hyo Shin) @ 130830 YG x MNET WIN EP 2!

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Wild Flower

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"To bae or not to bae"

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INFINITE's English
Sunggyu: I'm not a monkey but I love banana
Dongwoo: Weather....is......
Woohyun: I heart machine
Sungyeol: Twitter? Follow?
Myungsoo: Lunch lunch lunch! Where?
Sungjong: Dolce and banana
Hoya: Since this is our first world tour, I was worried that not many of you would show up. However, that was an unnecessary concern.
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Hey guys! Another giveaway, yup! But mainly just to promote a new store my real friend and I just recently started. There’s lots of cool stuff coming and already up at reasonable pricing, so check it out here!

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